Cross Life began as a church plant in 2010 with a small group of people who knew that God had called them together for His purpose and His work.  Since that time God has remained true to His promise and has renewed broken relationships, inspired excitement in His presence, brought new people with new stories and experiences, and is still moving a people closer to Him and further into the surrounding community.

Our mission is this: to help people find Christ, their place in the body, and their mission to the world.


We cannot be who we were created to be unless we first find, know, and follow Christ as our Lord and all in all.  We want others to find Christ as well–not because we feel the need to proselytize, but because truth and beauty are contagious.


As Christ rules and reigns in our lives, He connects us with others in  His “body.”  This body consists of all sorts of people with different backgrounds and stories but who all intersect with Jesus.  As we belong to Christ and to each other, we are the “hands” and “feet” of Jesus to carry out His work on earth.


Once we have found Christ and our own place in the body, we realize that this “thing” goes way beyond us.  The Bible says that God loved the world; so naturally He is going to have His body demonstrate His love to the world.

So who are we?  We are an imperfect people being made beautiful by a perfect God.  We are His church.  And at the center of it all is the Cross–the symbol of Christ’s work and our invitation into life itself.  The journey that we take is thrilling and challenging at times…but the reward of finding and following Jesus together is worth any cost.

Cross Life Church is a part of the Tampa Alliance Project, a network of churches with the purpose of developing leaders and churches to increase our gospel footprint in the Greater Tampa region.  We are affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. This means is that we are committed to the purpose and movement of The Alliance and are networked with other churches locally and globally in sharing the love of Jesus.