The Bible says that laughter is considered good medicine.  We take this very seriously!

On the first Wednesday of the month, we celebrate life together.   We spend time laughing, enjoying conversation, eating delicious food, and worshiping Jesus together.  It is a family event, so it is not unusual to see children and adults, teens and seniors, men and women alike spending an hour and a half unified in something as profound as prayer or as silly as catching airborne marshmallows.

Each First Wednesday is different.  At times we simply have fun, and at times we spend time in a more somber, reflective mood that might include singing and prayer, or even profound silence as the God of the Universe is invited to move, speak, convict and liberate.  Whatever the order of activity, each of these times are designed to bring healing, unity and togetherness as we seek the pleasure of God while finding pleasure in Him together.