We will keep saying it: our weekend services are only the climax of doing church throughout the week.  Sunday morning is simply not enough of a chance to connect together, grow together, and serve our community together.  By integrating into Life Groups, you are connecting to the very “heartbeat” of Cross Life Church.

It can be challenging, messy, and dysfunctional… But that’s what makes us family! The reward is that you are part of a small community of caring that exemplifies the gospel and worships Jesus in simple ways, like caring for a need, praying for each other, encouraging a father who lost his job, keeping a teenager accountable to God’s promises, and looking at the surrounding neighborhood for ways to bless others.  The truth is that God loves working through this kind of authenticity and openness—through individuals and families who want nothing else but to glorify God by experiencing the community which God has purposed and designed for His children.

Every Life Group is different, and many meet at different times throughout the week in different locations. We encourage you: find a Life Group!  It’s never to late to connect to a Life Group, but delaying will only mean that you would miss out on a truly amazing gift.  If you have questions, feel free to send us a message via our CONTACT page.


Since Life Groups are so vital to our culture at Cross Life Church, you are encouraged to find and join a Life Group that meets near you.  Simply fill out your name and inquire info about one (ore more) of our Life Groups so that we can have its leader contact you with more information and directions.

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