What’s a little different about Cross Life Church is that we believe that ministry is more than a program and should happen more outside of the four walls of the church than within.  Ministry is something that happens within families, neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, schools, and other areas where we live, work, and play as God works in us and through us to accomplish what He desires.  That being said, we love when people want to serve in specific ways as needs arise within our church context.  Cross Life Church does offer several ministry venues already in place to help our Mission to continue moving forward.  These Ministry Venues include:

Worship Team

During our weekend services the worship team helps lead the congregation in song and prayer.  This encompasses everything from service planning, worship space design, audio/video, singing, playing music, leading prayer/Scripture, and making announcements.

Teaching Team

The Word of God is living and active, and we believe that God calls certain people to help teach this.  The context for these teachers could be behind a pulpit, within a Life Group, in front of children, one-on-one discipleship, or even behind the scenes in helping develop curriculums.  Either way, God speaks to multiple people and together we can learn and communicate effectively.

Children’s Leaders

As we say in our Multi-Generational Philosophy, we LOVE kids!  On Sundays we provide nursery and Pre-Kindergarten venues where we talk about God, His Word, and how to love Him and others.  However Children’s Leaders help coordinate events, plan curriculums, develop creative ways to engage kids throughout the week, and simply find any opportunity to pour their lives into younger generations.

Youth Sponsors

Youth Sponsors are our champions for Pre-Teen and Youth.  They are the ones that purposely take time to build friendships as Spiritual Mothers/Fathers or Brothers/Sisters.  Sometimes this will include working at events, engaging through weekly conversations, leading a Purity Group, helping with Bible Quizzing, or apprenticing a youth within certain ministry venues.

Life Group Leaders/Facilitators

Life Groups are the core of who we are as a church.  Life Group Leaders are essentially the “pastors” of their Life Group, providing Spiritual wisdom and helping facilitate people into practicing the presence of God throughout the week.  Host Leaders are the wonderful people who open up their homes for people to feel comfortable and engage easily with others.


We have people who love to work with their hands.  Our facilities are multi-use, so we do a lot of setting up and tearing down of chairs, tables, decorations, etc.  Often these same people desire to keep our church building clean and safe.


These are only some of the ways that ministry happens within Cross Life Church.  If you are interested in connecting to any ministry venues, go to the Volunteer Portal and fill out the necessary information.