Youth bring life to the church.  We truly believe that!  This is why we are very intentional about how we incorporate youth into the culture of Cross Life Church.  As stated in our Multi-Generational Philosophy, we do not have what some might call a traditional “youth group” because we would rather learn and thrive by the influence of our youth’s zeal than to silo them into a corner of our activities.

This, however, requires a greater responsibility for those older to pour into our youth’s lives and raise them to be radical disciples of Jesus.  Therefore the venues that we purposely engage with youth include:

Life Groups

Being part of a smaller community of faith requires interaction, love, messiness, conversation and life-on-life discipleship.  Youth can not only be part of but also contribute and lead all sorts of elements as they learn how to become men and women of God.  Youth also get to grow in their peer to peer friendships throughout the week based upon the Life Group in which they immerse themselves.  Find out more by visiting our Life Groups page.

Ministry Venues

One of the best ways to learn how to serve others is simply to begin serving.  We have opportunities where youth can lead in multiple capacities such as childcare, Sunday Service elements/worship, set up and tear down, First Wednesdays, and even times of teaching.  If you are a youth who wants to “jump in” with both feet, head over to our Ministry Venues page and drop us a message to let us know what you’re thinking–we’d LOVE to start a conversation!

Events & Missions

Throughout the year Cross Life Church will see different sorts of events headed up by Life Groups, parents, and youth sponsors that could include anything from a short term missions trip to playing lazer-tag.  Part of being a youth in a community of faith means that we can help facilitate healthy friendships and good influence.  Youth that belong to Jesus do not have a Jr. Sized Holy Spirit within them; they are just as much a part of our mission as adults, and it becomes exciting whenever youth engage the world around them using the talents and gifting that God gives so generously.  Find out more about missions opportunities by visiting the Missions Page.