Instead of trying to sell who we are, we are much more interested in showing off Jesus.  God speaks and God moves and we simply want to be a part of what He is doing.  Our God is in us and for us; we are not apprehensive about this, but rather we are confident and expectant. We believe that throughout the story of God, He has always led His people in this way.  This is not new… and it has not changed.  And that’s awesome!



It has been the long-living tradition of The Church to regularly meet together to remember and celebrate the story of Jesus through Scripture, prayer, community and song.   There are no dress codes, presets, or checklists.  The music in on pace with the demands of the art/music culture of today but with an understanding of Christianity’s 2,000 years of rich history and stunning expressions.  While we believe that this time is only a piece of our worship, its importance is immeasurable and is therefore valuable in our Christian journey.

We meet 4:30pm on Sundays, at 19501 Holly Lane, Lutz, FL 33548, with Life groups throughout the week



Each Sunday, children up to 2nd grade are invited to join in a children’s teaching time in a safe, pre-screened classroom. The older children are encouraged to stay in the service to experience the voice and movement of God in our services.  It is here that they can learn to practice and respond to the presence of God.  God does not limit himself to age, and He will continue to be faithful in His beauty and presence to be relevant to a multi-generational setting.  This will often even lead to children not only participating in the service, but even helping lead aspects of worship.



Our worship extends beyond prayer, song and message, but also by glorifying Jesus with the big and small things that happen throughout the other six days of the week. Therefore we strive to pray for each other daily, discipline ourselves in Scripture, serve those around us, and find every opportunity to help people find Christ, their place in the body and mission to the world.
1. Where are you and what time are your weekend services?

Cross Life Church currently meets in the building of Christ Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 19501 Holly Lane, Lutz, FL 33548 off Dale Mabry Highway, just south of County Line Road. We meet each Sunday at 4:30pm.

2. How are your meetings arranged to accommodate COVID safety guidelines?
We have increased spacing between seats, and made face masks and hand sanitizer available throughout the sanctuary. Attendees are encouraged to wear masks but are not required to. We also ask attendees to use the provided red/yellow/green stickers to indicate their comfort with physical contact, and respect others’ preferences.
3. What about the kids or youth?
Children up to 2nd grade are given the option to attend a Children-related program in a safe, pre-screened classroom setting each Sunday during the teaching time.  In addition, we hold several events throughout the year that are geared for certain ages.  All children and youth are encouraged to participate in each of our worship times and Life Group gatherings.

We also have a Bible Quizzing Program for ages 10 through 12th Grade.  More information about Bible Quizzing can be found HERE.

Cross Life Church holds a slightly different outlook on children/youth ministry… we really believe in the integration of generations as much as we possibly can so that God can move and direct through little hands and big hands.  Our goal is to mentor and disciple and to allow the older to teach the younger and the younger to teach the older.  We do offer a nursery for infants through 48 months.  Otherwise we really encourage our children to experience the service with their parents and other adults.  For more information, visit our PHILOSOPHY page.

4. What do you believe?
We believe that God is real, the Bible is true, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is our only hope.  For more information regarding our beliefs, visit the doctrinal statement of belief as given by The Alliance (click HERE).

We also as a church hold to these six non-negotiables:

– Building our lives on God’s Word
– Finding the mind and will of God for us through prayer
– Inviting and acknowledging God’s presence in our midst
– Creating spiritual unity
– Serving and reaching people no matter who they are
– Keeping a kingdom mindset (it’s not about us)

5. I've never been to church...what should I expect?
Expect to feel welcomed.  We want you to simply feel loved as you join us.  We believe in Jesus—the Son of God who spent time on earth with the lonely, socially outcast, the broken, abused, the skeptical, the dirty, the sinners and the lowly.  It is through Him that we find our identity and in Him we find new life.  We are a church of people who God has gathered and rescued, so it’s a very good chance we could share a similar story as you.  Come and be pleasantly surprised—not at us, but at God’s acceptance.
6. Are you associated/partnered with anyone?
We are affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance as well as networked with many other churches and ministries within the area.
7. What is the worship like?
Genuine, true, and seeking for the Spirit of God.  We use modern language, music and expression and acknowledge our history of 2,000 years of Christ’s worship.
8. Is there a dress code?
You can dress as formal or as casual as you want—it simply does not matter to us.
9. How do I get connected?
The best way to know more about us is to connect to a Life Group.  Life Groups are small groups of individuals and families that care for one another and strive to follow Jesus together in prayer, ministry, and encouragement.  You can also sign up to be part of our email distribution to receive updates and up-and-coming news about what’s happening during the month.
10. Do I have to give money?
We won’t aggressively ask for money. We believe giving is an integral part of Christian worship, and those who feel led can give out of the generosity of what God has given, which can be given at our offering box in the front.
11. How can I serve at Cross Life Church?
There is always room to serve people, whether at Cross Life or in the community.  For those who desire to serve in a leadership position and/or as an ambassador of Cross Life Church, we ask for an understanding and commitment to the vision and purpose of the church.  Some ministry venues could be subject to some standard safety precautions.  To sign up for consideration, visit the Volunteer Portal.
12. Does Cross Life Church give out donations/financial support?
Cross Life Church is in the habit of giving charitably for the benefit of others.  We want to be good stewards of what God has given us, and so we give as God directs us to give.  If He says to give, we give; if He says no, then we must say no.  If you are requesting help, you may make your request by sending us a message for us to prayerfully consider.
13. Can I come with questions/doubts/skepticism?
Absolutely.  We have nothing to hide.
14. Will you try to convert me?
We will simply worship and put Jesus on display.  We do believe that He is the only way, the only truth and the only life, however your decision to follow Jesus is up to you and Him.  The love that we wish to show you will never be contingent upon your decision, but we will always offer an invitation into the life that we know God desires you to have.
15. Who is Jesus?
This is by far the most important question we can ask.  For a great explanation, you can click HERE.