Looking to volunteer for an event, ministry venue, or something else?  Awesome!

First of all, thank you for your passion to climb aboard and serve with us!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made and God will always use anyone who desires to glorify Him with with their passions, gifting, and talents.  Second, since we are not a program-driven church that means that you do not need permission from Cross Life Church to love and serve people (i.e. helping bring food, caring for people around you, visiting those in the hospital, etc.).  In fact, it is when we embrace the truth that God is the one who empowers, directs, and works through us that we will have the greatest impact in all the places where we live, work, and play.  Instead of the usual model where you support our ministries, more often than not we want the church to support your ministry and rally around what God has dropped in your life.

Serving Your Community

We are also all about smaller faith-communities of caring called Life Groups where together you and those in your group can take responsibility of your surrounding community through acts of love and kindness.  Jesus has made it clear that we are to be the “salt” and “light” to the world and to those in our immediate spheres of influence; it would be futile for us to think that the majority of “ministry” belongs within the four walls of a church building.  The point is that we will never dictate your calling on your life–only God can do that.  And He has probably already given you direction in what you need to do to build His kingdom, so we encourage you to take the faith-filled risk and be responsible with how the Holy Spirit is guiding you.  Talk to your Life Group leader(s) and begin praying with those in your group about how you be on mission together.

Specific Ministry Venues

There are some ministry venues that do require a bit more information up front just so that we can help confirm the calling of God in your life within the context of Cross Life Church’s mission and beliefs plus to account for any safety/security factors.  These include venues such as:

  • Formal teaching/watch-care of minors
  • Formal teaching platforms
  • Sunday service elements
  • Life Group Hosting and/or facilitating
  • Special events
  • Start up ministries launched specifically by and from Cross Life Church

To get started, please fill out the contact form and explain what you’re interested in volunteering for.  Remember–most of what we encourage in regards to “ministry” happens outside the four walls of the church building and within the context of your Life Groups.  However if you are desiring to work within the listed areas, we’d love to begin a conversation as to what steps would be needed to move forward.

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